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What is IMEI?

The IMEI is a unique identifier that each mobile has that means “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This number consists of 15 digits and is necessary in cases of repair, warranties, theft. This number is found on the device both on the label on the back of the device and internally and has no relationship with the mobile telephone operators.

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When Changing the Mobile Phone’s IMEI?

The IMEI can be changed when it is damaged by a bad update, by mistake when changing the operating system, by failure in the mobile device or by theft of the device, in the latter case, it is not legal to change it and punish with jail.

What is Moto Droid Tool?

MotoDroid Tool is a program made especially for those people who have problems with the IMEI of their Android mobile phone, the program has the same power as the unlocking boxes and is able to change the IMEI of your Android phone without root, Moto Droid Tool goes directly to the root of the phone extracting the current IMEI and writing the new IMEI generated and thinking about the ease of all of you we have implemented Change IMEI online.

How to Use Moto Droid Tool

After downloading the generated file and the Moto Droid Tool software in CHANGE IMEI ONLINE, you only need to download the program install it on your computer and follow the steps found in the manual that is in the downloaded package.


Supported Phone Models

Samsung Galaxy “All Models”, Motorola “All Models”, Huawei “All Models”, HTC “All Models”, ZTE “All Models”, Sony “All Models”, Nokia “All Models”,



Steps For Free Imei Change:
With These Steps, you can correct the following problems:

1. You can verify your IMEI number on the back of your phone. Turn off your phone and remove the battery. There you can see the IMEI number of your Android device.

2. To find the IMEI number just dial * # 06 #

3. To find the device identification, simply dial * # * # 8255 # * # * can find the identification of the device, go to the menu >> configuration >> on the phone >> Status

5. To complete the process you need the following files:
To generate a new IMEI code: Our Moto IMEI Generate Pro Software (MIG) and also Download the Moto IMEI Change Tool software to enter the new IMEI code on your Android Phone, the files are hosted on our Dedicated VPS Servers, the Download is secure and you can download them in the different options of free download of the VPS Server

Remember to write down your original IMEI number and keep it in a safe place. make a backup of your original IMEI in case something goes wrong, then invest using the above procedures to change.




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