Online Free Unlock/Relock Bootloader Moto G6

Online Free Unlock/Relock Bootloader Moto G6


Welcome to this new page which will help you to repair the bootloader of your Moto G6 device, This is a tool that works for all Moto G models but this time we will focus only on the Moto G6 which is one of the latest devices in the market, as it says in the title of the page, it will be online and free.

We decided to create this page because there are many methods to do it but many of them are not guaranteed and are not always effective, so for your peace of mind and to save you a little money we bring this tool in this new server which will facilitate this entire process .

It is an automatic and easy to use process which you will not have to do practically anything, that is, if you do not know anything about technology or cell phones or are not a system engineer, do not worry anyway you can save your Moto g6 device.


How the Online Unlock Tool works


Using this server is very simple, the first thing you should do is:

1. Enter the page.
2. then connect your device to the computer via usb cable afterwards.
3. After you will see enter the IMEI of your device.
4. Then you will start after the program will begin to work for approximately 5 minutes which will bring all the necessary information.
5. then you must download a file which contains all the information to unlock the device.
6. Once the file is downloaded, you only have to add the file in the system folder of the moto g6
7. Then you restart the phone and that’s it.

I imagine you are wondering how I am going to place that file in the system folders if only administrators will be able to access it? Do not worry when you connect the phone to our servers as they download all the necessary data for unlocking, he gave priority to the phone so that you can enter your file once you restart the phone you will no longer be able to enter as administrator and the bootloader will be unlocked .


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