Repair imei with chimeratool

Repair IMEI with Chimeratool

Supported features:

  • Read codes
  • Fix IMEI
  • Software change
  • Liberation
  • Reading telephone information
  • Firmware compatibility check
  • Knoxguard edition
  • MSL edition
  • Network repair
  • Modification of the certificate
  • Reading the certificate
  • SPC / MSL reading
  • Restart
  • Device root key recovery
  • EFS lock removal
  • EE lock removal
  • Removing the FRP lock
  • FRP lock / repetitive activation lock
  • FRP lock / activation lock – UFS
  • Repeated activation lock removal
  • Remove the screen lock
  • Recover / backup
  • Rmm release
  • Root / root removal
  • Installing “SIM count”
  • Certificate recording
  • Online code reading
  • Online edition
  • Operator blocking again
  • Delete edition

Installation instructions

ChimeraTool is a simple and complete application that can be used after a quick installation. We have minimized the installation process so that additional drivers and required files will be downloaded automatically only when required by a specific process. ChimeraTool does not require training or prior training – beginners are more than welcome!

Complete installation instructions can be found here.